Lionel 6-17214 RailBox Boxcar with Diesel RailSounds

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So, you have a diesel engine without diesel sounds. Here is your answer! Instead of trying to add electronics to your engine, just put this boxcar in your consist and voila, you have the sounds you want. 

The sounds are real-life digital recordings from real locomotives. The horn, bell and engine sounds are incorporated into the electronic memory and are accessible at your command.

RailSounds will operate whenever you supply 8 volts or more to the track. At rest, the diesel unit will produce the distinctive throb of a diesel engine at idle. As the train moves out and picks up speed, the diesel sounds keep pace with the engine speed. A switch located on the bottom of the boxcar can be used to turn the sounds on or off. The horn and bell can still be activated regardless of the position of the switch. There is also a volume control mounted on the bottom of the boxcar.

This boxcar is Std. O scale and features die-cast sprung trucks, operating knuckle couplers, opening doors and detailed under carriage. Length is 11-1/4".