Thomas & Friends

Whether you’re nostalgic for Thomas the Tank Engine of your youth or you want to share the old favorites with your grandchildren now, All About Toy Trains has the Lionel toy trains you are looking for — including Thomas & Friends trains and accessories.

Published in 1945, The Railway Series brought steam locomotives to life in a fun, energetic way that is still cherished today. Written by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher, the series introduced Thomas in the second book of the series: Thomas the Tank Engine.

As a fan of the character yourself, you know that Thomas’s best friends are Percy and Toby. What you may not know, however, is that the idea was born from a father, Awdry, simply entertaining his son. He made a wooden toy train for Christopher and made up stories to accompany it. As the stories continued, Awdry’s wife encouraged him to publish them — and the rest is history.

Just as the story continued between father and son, you can continue the story of Thomas with Lionel toy trains from All About Toy Trains. Here, you can find everything from Thomas the Tank Engine himself to remotes, birthday accessories, covered bridges, train coaches, and more.

Lionel toy trains and the company overall rose in popularity from the early 1900s to its peak in the early 1950s. Though social and technological upheavals greatly affected the company’s future success and growth, Lionel toy trains are still an essential part of collector train sets today. Here at All About Toy Trains, we have everything you need to update your train collection and turn it into the dream you’ve been working toward. Shop for Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains and accessories, along with other classic toy trains and accessories, when you shop with us today.

Lionel 6-83510 Thomas & Friends Passenger LionChief Train Set
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