American Flyer S Scale Track

American Flyer Track is one of the best tracks you can get for your collector trains. You know that American Flyer has been making high-quality track since the early 1900s. And there’s a reason they’ve been around so long — their track is some of the best you can buy. All About Toy Trains has a variety of American Flyer Track, from fastrack, to figure 8, to crossover and remote switch. These tracks can help you build the intricate collector train set-up of your teams. Here’s a little background for you.

American Flyer began when William Frederick Hafner, a toymaker based in Chicago, created a clockwork motor for toy cars in 1901. American Flyer’s business grew during World War One, when German manufacturers could no longer ship their collector trains to the US. During the war, American Flyer expanded beyond toy trains to bicycle and motorcycle toys. They also created a high-quality and budget line. This allowed them to dominate the toy train market, by attracting both those who were investing in large collections and those looking for affordable toys for their children. 

In the 1950s, American Flyer became a division of the A. C. Gilbert Company, which is best known for their S-gauge trains. As you know, the S scale, or S gauge, is a model railroad scaled at 1:64. The terms “scale” and “gauge” are often confused. The scale is the ratio of the mode, in this case 1:64. The gauge is the distance between railheads. Both units need to be proportional for your collector trains to run smoothly on the tracks.

Someone collecting antique trains and train parts know that the older S-gauge trains are not compatible with the larger toy train standard gauge, which became the large-scale standard in the early 20th century.Shop our collection today!

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