Lionel HO Scale Train Sets

Lionel is a well-known name when it comes to model trains. Not only are they one of the largest brands in the industry, but they are known for providing high-quality and beautiful model trains. One of the many reasons that we love the Lionel brand is because of the wide variety of model trains and accessories that they have produced. Their HO scale train sets are one of the many pieces that we think every model train enthusiast needs to have in their collection.

Joshua Lionel Cowen, founder of Lionel, and his family moved to New York right after the Civil War. At that point in time, the railroads were a significant part of progression here in America.  Cowen grew up around real train lines and became a successful inventor long before he invented his first toy train. In the 1900s, when Lionel was founded, passenger lines were becoming popular, and Lionel loved it.

The Electric Express and the model trains that followed were extremely popular. Cowen spent his lifetime showing off just how beautiful these trains could be. Lionel toy trains were extremely popular among fathers and sons, providing them with a beautiful bonding opportunity.

Unfortunately, with progress in the automotive world, locomotives and passenger trains were not as significant as they once were. While the popularity of trains dwindled, Lionel has come back and brought back the beauty of the model trains they’re known for. These toy trains are a popular item amongst adults and children, and for a good reason.

All About Toy Trains loves the way that Cowen viewed trains, and we love the way that his vision has been incorporated into model trains. The Lionel collection plays a significant part in the history of model trains. From the story that they carry on to the beautiful model trains that they continue to design, Lionel model trains are something that every collector needs. Browse the selection of HO scale trains that we have available here at All About Toy Trains.

Lionel 871811010 The Polar Express HO Set
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Lionel 871811020 The Christmas Express HO Set
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Lionel 871811040 Santa Fe Cajon HO Set w/Bluetooth
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