Bachmann HO Scale Locomotives

For most toy train collectors, the locomotive is their favorite piece of their toy train set. After all, without the engine, the freight cars would just be sitting on the tracks, not able to move. While locomotives contain the same general components, they come in a variety of styles that are interesting and fun to see.

All About Toy Trains loves helping model train enthusiasts build their toy train engines, freight cars, and other toy train accessories. We offer a huge selection of collectible train sets for you or the model train collector in your family to enjoy.

Bachmann Trains has a long history of making high-quality model trains for collectors. The beginning of the company was in the early 1800s, making ivory and tortoise shell combs. When bought by Henry Bachmann in 1899, he was a master carver who loved to work with his hands. Quickly realizing that the demand for ivory and tortoise shell combs was waning, he innovated, including becoming the first company to use injection molding for sunglasses. Here, with the success of the sunglasses, Bachmann entered the model train field, using injection molding. He began by producing snap-together kits of buildings for use with train sets, which turned out to be extremely popular. Today, Bachmann is the world's largest manufacturer by volume of model railroads.

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