Lionel Accessories

Whether you’re looking for gingerbread operating gatemen, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner ambush shacks, flag poles, or other accessories entirely for your Lionel Toy Trains, you’ve come to the right place. Here at All About Toy Trains, we’re just as obsessed with our collector trains as you are — and that’s why we came up with our model train store online!

Here, you can shop our vast collection of accessories for Lionel toy trains, one of the most popular collectible trains our model railroad store offers. To get you inspired and help you choose what accessories you want as a Lionel train collector, we’ll first give you a little history of Lionel, LLC.

Lionel got its start all the way back in 1900, when Joshua Lionel Cowen founded Lionel Manufacturing in New York City. By 1909, Lionel electric trains were said to be the “Standard of the World”! Today, we don’t disagree. Though Lionel had its first year in the red in 1931 — due to the Great Depression — it bounced back bigger and better than ever, finding its peak in the early 1950s and being a household name and product for more than half a century.

Though Lionel trains may not be found in a department store today, you can still get all of your favorite collectible trains when you shop with a model train store online. Lionel has a storied and rich history, and you can make it your own and add to it by ordering Lionel train accessories for your collectible trains and vintage train sets. Each Lionel toy train and accessory heralds back to a simpler time — a time you can think of whenever you look at or show off your antique Lionel trains. Shop with All About Toy Trains today to browse our extensive Lionel accessories.

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