Aristocraft Freight

Aristocraft was founded in 1935 by Nathan and Irwin Polk, and is known for producing the largest selection of G gauge products in the United States market. Compared to other model trains, Aristocraft model trains have always been known to be highly detailed, sturdy, and well built. It is for these reasons that Aristocraft Freight has survived the test of time and is a sought after collectible train. From the plastics and metals used, to the flawless paint jobs, Aristocraft is an excellent addition to your collection. At All About Toy Trains we care about the quality of your model train collection, so give us a call today if you’re interested in becoming an owner of an Aristocraft freight car.

Besides being known for their G gauge trains, Aristocraft has always provided service and innovation to model train collectors. Their main goal was always to make model trains easier to use without making the technology too difficult to understand for the average user. Their integration of battery packs and remote control model train systems in their products improved the quality of model trains for years to come.

While Aristocraft shut its doors in 2013 after 78 years in business, their collectible model trains continue to delight and dazzle the model train community. Their durable, high-quality model trains deliver on every front—even to the most discerning collector.

Be sure to pick out a collectible Aristocraft model freight car today from our website. If you are looking to add some army or military flair to your model train collection, we have a few Aristocraft cars that will satisfy your needs. No matter what you choose, Aristocraft has always been known for being an excellent, well designed model train manufacturer. So, expand your collection today and add some beautiful, vintage Aristocraft fright cars on your lines. We have many different options, all of which will please any model train collector.