Lionel Track

No collector trains or classic train sets would be complete without tracks! Tracks are what help your Lionel toy trains to truly come to life, and you can get the Lionel tracks you’re looking for when you shop with All About Toy Trains. Our model train store online offers only the best of the best — meaning you can find antique Lionel trains (and tracks!) you’ll love.

First, let’s get started with a little history. Lionel Manufacturing Company — as it was then called — got its start in 1900 right in New York City. Joshua Lionel Cowen used his skills as both an engineer and a salesman to start the company, and it stayed a family business for many years. From the very beginning, it was clear that Lionel toy trains were different; these toy trains gathered steam and rolled past their competitors, even being heralded as the “Standard of the World” in 1909. Each decade saw new growth — and, at times, loss — as it went from a small company to a corporation that expanded into more and more model train accessories, trains, collectibles, and more.

Throughout it all, tracks are what made these toy trains sell. From the time Cowen’s first train, the Electric Express, was used as an eye-catching display for toy stores to today — when your grandchildren huddle around to watch the train move along the tracks — the tracks are what truly breathe life into these antique Lionel trains. With the help of All About Toy Trains, you can make sure your train collection comes to life more than ever with our Lionel tracks. Complete with bridges, remote control switches, power wire accessories, gates with flashers, and more, our Lionel tracks are just what you need. Shop with All About Toy Trains today.

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