Lionel 2019 Catalog Vol. 1 Built-To Order & Pre-Orders

When people think of model train collections, they imagine only classic trains. While the classics and well-known brands definitely make up a large chunk of model collections, they’re far from the only type of model trains that you can count on finding. One thing that every model collector needs in their collection is a Lionel classic.

Lionel makes a selection of custom boxcars and train accessories that are perfect for anyone that wants to add a little flair to any collection. Whether you’re looking for trains that were designed around a particular holiday or your favorite movie, there’s a good chance that Lionel has made a model that you can add to your collection.

Not only are Lionel model trains made with a unique design element in mind, but they are made well and built to last. While the unique design factors of these model trains are one of the primary reasons that people invest in these models, the quality of the model makes it worth adding to a collection. There is no lack of detail in the boxcars made by Lionel, which is another reason that we love them.

All About Toy Trains loves the large selection of boxcars and locomotives that Lionel makes. With as large of a variety as they have, there’s truly something for everyone. When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the model train collector in your life or you’re looking for a model that speaks to another one of your passions, you can find it here.

Browse the variety of boxcars and locomotives in the 2019 Lionel catalog. These different models are custom built or can be pre-ordered. Make sure that you take some time to check out the entirety of the models that they’ve made because it’s these types of pieces that can really bring some flair and value to a collection.

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