Delton Engines

Delton Locomotive Works is one of the well-known creators of train models. Every collector likely has at least one or two Delton model trains in their collection. Starting back in 1983, Delton Locomotive Works began creating 1:24 model trains made of brass. Their beautiful designs and intricate detailing separated them from other model train brands. While their model trains have always been marvels, the economic downfall of the 1990s created a struggle that they could not overcome.

With the economic struggle came the end of the Delton Locomotive era. Though they were no longer creating beautiful model trains, their design lived on in the Aristocraft and Hartland models. Although these model trains are similar, there’s nothing quite like the original Delton engines. From the beautiful brass materials used to create these locomotives to the detail that remains a priority throughout the design process, it’s no wonder that these model trains are such a hot commodity.

The brass locomotives that Delton made are truly a piece of art. The coloration alone is something to be admired, but when you start to look at the details that these model trains have, it’s impossible not to want one for your own. While the passenger cars and other model trains made by Delton are something to admire, there’s nothing that compares to the engines that they designed.

All About Toy Trains loves the beauty and detail that each of these model trains was designed with, but we are also fascinated by the history that comes with each individual model. These are the factors that drive our passion and make it an honor to help model train collectors find the pieces that they’re missing. Browse the variety of Delton locomotives that we have online and find the piece that your collection is missing.

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