Aristocraft Passenger

It was 1935 when Aristo-Craft was founded. In business for 80 years, Aristo-Craft created high-quality toy trains that are now key components in some of the best collections. The Polk family operated the retail store, located in New York, for many years. Aristo-Craft was a well-known brand from the beginning of their journey in 1935 up through 2013 when the hit to the economy left them with no option but to cease operations.

Aristo-Craft was known for manufacturing a huge selection of toy trains and radio control products. They also managed a business that focused on importing and distributing various model products.

While the business started in 1935, it wasn’t until 1988 that they released their first G-scale model train. This train was designed to fit the “G” gauge track that was designed by LGB, who also happened to be their main competitors. It was then that market of G-scale trains grew. Up until Aristo-Craft released this train, LGB made up a majority of the market and had very few competitors.

With this new found place in the world of trains, Aristo-Craft continued to create beautiful G-scale trains. More importantly, they decided to create their very own line of trains that were compatible with LGB trains, but that were more Americanized. Primarily, it was the scale that differed for the trains that they were creating. Aristo-Craft chose to focus on the scale of 1:29 that looked beautiful when placed next to LGB cars, but still unique in their design.

All About Toy Trains recognizes the craftsmanship that went into these trains, and we’re happy to have them available online. If you’re looking to add an Aristo-Craft passenger car to your collection, look no further. We have the largest online selection of collectible toy trains and are thankful that we can be added to your toy train collection.

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