Kato 176-8521-DCC N Scale EMD SD70ACe - Nose HL - UP #9066 Diesel Locomotive w/ DCC Installed

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The EMD SD70ACe is the latest in the long running line of EMD’s SD70 series locomotives. Current EPA standards for emissions have resulted in many of these locomotives adopting “Tier 4” standards. However, as a concession to the railroads who have invested vast amounts of money in the purchase of their locomotives, they are granted a “credit” towards the purchase of sub-Tier 4 locomotives depending on how many Tier 4 engines they do purchase. As a result, newer SD70ACe’s that lack the additional equipment of the Tier 4 compliant engines continue to be built.


    Model Features
  • New cab tooling to reflect the prototype.
  • Powerful Kato mechanism powered by a 5-pole flywheel motor and featuring a 9 3/4" minimum turning radius.
  • Directional Headlight and illuminated, preprinted numberboards.
  • Illuminated ditch lights.
  • Pre-installed TCS DCC