Lionel 2022010 Granite Run Quarry LionChief Plus 2.0 Set

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Deep in an open pit, tiny 0-6-0 locomotives scurry about with strings of diminutive dump cars carrying newly-blasted rock up to the breaker. Soon this rock will be on its way to ballast the main lines of America's railroads but first, this industrial train has to do its job. Perfect for large and small layouts alike, this train has everything you need to start a quarry industry on your layout!


  • LionChief+2.0 0-6-0T Locomotive #6
  • 4 Side dump cars with manually operating dump bins
  • Water tank car
  • Industrial Caboose
  • 40x60" Oval of FasTrack
  • 54W power supply
  • LC Remote control


  • LionChief® Command equipped - Lash-up with similar LC+ 2.0 locomotives in Command Control
  • LC+ 2.0 Control - operate with Bluetooth™ using Universal Remote or LionChief® App on your smart device OR via your TMCC/LEGACY®Cab OR conventional transformer
  • Die-cast boiler
  • ElectroCouplers™
  • Crew figures
  • RailSounds® equipped - Diesel engine and background sounds and Towercom dialog!
  • 4 Chuffs/Revs
  • Volume control via TMCC, Universal Remote or App
  • Crew Talk
  • Volume Control
  • Background Sounds
  • Whistle/Horn & Bell
  • Headlight / Rear light; Directional Lighting; Cab Light
  • Numberboards
  • Firebox Flicker
  • Marker Lights, Ditch Lights, Strobe Lights, MARS Lights
  • Fan-driven main smoke
  • Speed Control


  • Dump cars manually dump to either side
  • Die-cast sprung truck
  • Non-operating couplers
  • Easy conversion to scale couplers
  • Caboose interior
      • Road Number: 6
      • Power: Electric
      • Dimensions: Length: 29.5"