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John Deere is one of the most recognizable names and brands in agriculture, and All About Toy Trains is proud to offer a wide selection of John Deere themed toy trains and toy train accessories. From the ready-to-run Lionel John Deere Steam LionChief Train Set to accessories like the John Deere General Store and John Deere Billboard Set, we’re confident that you’ll find the classic yellow and olive green pieces you’re looking for! 

When you add John Deere train sets and coordinating toy train accessories to your collection, you are celebrating the success of an iconic American company. Deere & Company, which eventually became John Deere, was established in 1836. The company took off when Deere began selling the steel plow, which quickly replaced the iron or wooden plows that most farmers were using at the time. During the 20th century as farming technology progressed, John Deere became a leader in the industry with gasoline tractors and combines. Today, they are the largest agriculture machinery company in the world and employ about 67,000 people worldwide. The iconic yellow and green logo has been used by over 155 years, and can be found on the toy trains and toy train accessories you can find in this collection. Their connection with railroads is lesser known, even though John Deere also produced railroad-specific equipment. While we sell traditional model train cars rather than the railroad repair equipment, it’s worth exploring the type of excavation and plate laying machinery that John Deere makes for contemporary railroads. If you’re interested in the intersection of railroads and agriculture, you should add a few John Deere trains to your model train collection. After all, nothing runs like a like a Deere, including our John Deer model train cars. Order yours from All About Toy Trains today. 

Lionel 2123040 John Deere GP38 Freight LionChief® Train Set
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