Lionel 2132090 LionChief Plus 2.0 Baby K4 Steam Locomotive Pennsylvania #1361

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Estimated Availability: 4th Quarter 2021

Full Details for this item can be found on page 70-71 of the Lionel 2021 Big Book. Catalog link on home page. Click here!

    LionChief® Plus Steam Locomotives Features:
  • Conventional AC transformer control mode or LionChief® wireless remote control with AC or DC power
  • ElectroCoupler™ on rear of tender (controlled by remote only)
  • A5 0-4-0 equipped with ElectroCoupler™ on front as well as rear of tender
  • Operating headlight
  • Synchronized fan driven smoke
  • On/Off switches for sound and smoke
  • RailSounds RC™ sound system with steam chuffing and background sounds, whistle, bell, and user-activated announcements
  • Adjustable volume (controlled by remote only)
  • Speed control for consistent speed at all ranges regardless of track condition or load
  • Flickering firebox
  • Chuffing sounds in sync with puffing smoke
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor
  • Die-cast metal locomotive body, frame, and trucks
  • Die-cast metal tender body and trucks
  • Metal frame on tender
  • Engineer and fireman figures
  • Traction tires
  • Length:
LionChief® Plus Remote Features:
  • Forward and reverse speed control knob
  • Buttons for whistle sound, bell, special announcements and ElectroCoupler™ activation
  • Requires three AAA alkaline batteries

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