Lionel 6-52423 LCCA 1608W New Haven Alco Diesel Passenger Set

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This is a modern recreation of the 1958 postwar set #1608W. It consists of 209P/209T New Haven Alco diesel AA units engine set and four postwar classics passenger cars:  two #2432 Clifton Vista Dome, one #2434 Newark Pullman and one #2436  Moosehart observation car all with red lettering. It comes in a set box that looks just like the postwar original. Each car is packed in its own individual box. The New Havens, the most highly sought after Alco's today. are common only to this set. Instructions are included.

Engine Features:

  • O-gauge
  • Minimum curve: O-27
  • Lionel TrainMaster Command Control equipped
  • Lionel TrainSounds with bell and horn
  • Powerful Pullmor motor
  • Magnetraction
  • Operating headlight

Passenger Car Features:

  • Illuminated interiors
  • Die-cast operating knuckle couplers
  • Window passenger sillhouettes
  • Metal wheels & axles
  • Metal trucks