Lionel 6-38310 Conventional Classics #2185W NYC Twin Diesel Freight Set

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Here it is! Speed merchant of the rails! A mighty twin Diesel freight set that is a thrill to watch, whether it roars overland at high speed or crawl realistically out of the yards. This double “A” F3 units is complete in every detail. It has headlights and knuckle couplers on both pilot ends. Cab interior and engine number boxes are illuminated. Front glass of cab has simulated windshield wipers. powered forward unit has a real-life electronic horn and bell with volume control, two Pullmor motors, an electronic e-unit with Direction Lock, and traction tires.

This extra long NYC freight set includes the popular remote control operating box car. Other cars include aluminum finish “Sunoco” oil car, Lehigh Valley hopper with removable coal load, gondola with container load, and illuminated caboose. Each colorful car is equipped with bar-end style metal trucks and operating couplers. The entire train measures more than six feet in length! And don’t forget – you can add more cars to this freight and your Diesel will pull it with ease.

Sunoco® is a registered trademark of Sunoco, Inc. and its subsidiaries

      Lionel No. 2185W New York Central Comprises:
    • 1 No. 2344P New Central Powered F3 Diesel
    • 1 No 2344T New Central F3 Non-powered Diesel
    • 1 No. 6456 Lehigh Valley R. Hopper
    • 1 No. 3464 Remote Control Operating Box Car
    • 1 No. 6465 Double dome Sunoco ® Oil Car*
    • 1 No. 6462 ATSF Gondola Car
    • 1 No. 6457 Illuminated Caboose

    Sunoco® is a registered trademark of Sunoco, Inc. and its subsidiaries


    • Rail Line: New York Central
    • Road Number: 2344
    • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 

    • Brand: Lionel
    • Min Curve: O-31
    • Most Recent Catalog: Lionel Signature Catalog 2009