Steam Engine Sale

Toy trains can be pulled by both steam and diesel engines, and we’ve got great deals on steam engines here at All About Toy Trains! Our model train engines are outfitted with the technology you need to make your train set yours. From operating headlights, smoke, sounds, flickering fireboxes, and more, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Get ready to expand your set and pull your model train care with beautiful — and affordable — model train engines. If you don’t see what you’re looking for right now, check back in often as we update our sales.

The steam engine was a huge innovation in train technology because it was the first time that humans could use fuel instead of wind, water, or muscle (horse) power to move freight. Plus, fuel can be transported, so steam engines could operate anywhere there was track. More so, steam engines were continually improved upon and became more and more efficient as time went on. In fact, the steam engine kicked off the industrial revolution and not only innovated the railroad industry, but changed the entire world. Make your model train cars part of history with a high-quality steam engine from All About Toy Trains.

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