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If you are looking for a wide selection of collectible trains sets and locomotives, then our Model Power selections are for you. From steam to diesel powered locomotives, we have exactly what you are looking for. We have toy trains in every color imaginable and every style. From classic toy trains, such as our Model Power MDP87399 USRA 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotive N DCC, to our more modern and sleek Model Power MDP87445 Union Pacific FP-7 Phase 2 Diesel Locomotive N DC, we’ve got your locomotive needs covered.

All About Toy Trains is a family-owned business that is just about that. We love all types and brands of toy trains, so we’ve decided to share our passion with you. When you introduce toy trains to your child when they are young, they will develop problem-solved skills as they try to piece together the train tracks and see how the train fits and moves on the tracks. Playing with trains fosters your child’s creativity and imagination. Basically, anything can happen with a classic train set, from a train wreck to a train robbery. Kids can read a story about trains and then see for themselves how trains exactly work. Plus, trains are a great group activity, so if you have a playdate with other children, or you have more than one children, toy trains will provide great entertainment for hours.

Our Model Power N Scale Sale offers these amazing locomotives at discounted prices. We love to offer everyone a chance to play with these amazing machines. In addition, we offer superb toy train accessories that allow you to create many different worlds and explore even more ground with your trains. Kids love to create alternate worlds, so instead of buying the newest in technology, invest in model train sets. Browse our model trains today!

Model Power 6352 O Scale Mr. Roger's House Lighted Built-Up
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