Lionel Coca-Cola Boxcar Blowout

Celebrate the holiday season with vintage Coca-Cola boxcars! One of the first Coca-Cola model trains appeared in 1928 as part of a promotional bottling company offer, and since then the red cars with a red-suited Santas and polar bears have been an essential part of a holiday classic train set. Lionel worked with Coca-Cola to create a full collectible train set in 1974, complete with locomotive, caboose, and box cars that advertised their entire line: Sprite, Fanta, and Tab. The bright green, orange, and purple cars made these toy trains a playful set.  Production of this 1974 set was limited to 25,000 collectible train sets, and it is a highly sought after set. Here at All About Toy Trains, we stock boxcars with the vintage Coca-Cola Santa, polar bears, and pin-up girls. 

Coca-Cola is a classic American brand and a global symbol of American tastes and culture. Since its creation in 1886 by pharmacist John S. Pemberton, Coke has grown to be the largest beverage manufacturer and distributor in the world. It was originally marketed as an alternative to alcohol during prohibition and as a medicine to treat heartburn, nausea, and headaches. Coca-Cola has been a sponsor of the Olympic Games since 1928 and is distributed in every country except North Korea. Nearly every American has tasted Coke or a beverage distributed by Coca-Cola, and many have deep emotional connections to the brand, making it an excellent choice for a model train collector.  

The history and expansion of Coca-Cola is tied to the railroad industry, not just for advertising and partnership opportunities in toy trains. The advent of railroads allowed Coca-Cola to become a national, and then international, brand. Plus, the nostalgia connected to vintage Coca-Cola advertising fits perfectly into the sentiments many toy train collectors feel towards their classic train sets. Order yours today.

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