LGB G Scale Track

Without tracks, your trains would be stuck. They wouldn't be able to carry people and cargo where they want to go. In fact, they would be useless.

Train tracks are crucial to trains, which is why All About Toy Trains carries a wide variety of toy train accessories, including these LGB G Scale Tracks. We offer the classic LGB 10610 Straight Brass Track 4ft Section to the LGB 16040 Right Manual Turnout R3, 22.5° and the LGB 18050 Manual Switch, Right, R5.

The earliest form of rail transport dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks and 600 BC. Here, instead of rails that wheeled carts could move on, grooves were made in the limestone roads that made carts easier to push or pull if a horse were being used. When the Romans came, they had no interest in such systems so rail transport disappeared until the 1550s. Here, we see wooden rails in Germany where horse-drawn wagons or carts could move easier. Still it took over 200 years before iron was used to replace wood in these early rail systems. In 1789, an Englishman named William Jessup designed the first wheels with flanged wheels that were grooved, allowing the train to grip the rails better. Thus, when it came time to invent a car that was powered by steam that could move people quickly, the locomotive was born. But the track came first.

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