Best Selling Collectible Train Products

You can find all of our best selling collectible train products here! From our extremely popular Thomas Kinkade Christmas Lion Chief (looks beautiful circling an evergreen!) to the classic Lionel Fastrack 10” Straight Track. If you’re curious about what other model train collectors are buying, look no further. Along with providing dedicated model train collectors, we also love introducing people to model railroading. We offer train sets, but looking at the rotating products on this page will also give you a good understanding of what to be stocking up on. Order all your collectible train products here at All About Trains!

Model Train Basics

A model railroad takes up space and before you start setting up you should find a good, clear table. Many devoted model train collectors have a permanent set up that they keep adding to over the year — some are even outdoor, garden railroads! But if you’re going to have a temporary layout, a ping-pong table is a great place to start building.

Next, plan your track layout and decide what type of model railroad track you’ll be using. Many come with a template to help you start. You’ll also need to consider what scale you’ll be working with — HO is the most common model train size and we suggest starting here. There are also G-scale, O-scale, and many more. Whichever one you choose, just stick with it! 

After choosing your scale and setting up your track, you’ll need to give it some power. If you’ve bought a packaged train set (and we highly recommend you do), then you should have a transformer or power pack. You should buy model trains that are DCC ready, since it’s best to start our with Digital Command Control. Next, pick a railroad! There are tons of historical railroads to choose from, like Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, and Canadian National Railroads. Each railroad has its own unique color scheme and look great in a set moving around your model railroad track. Remember, the collectible train hobby is one that lasts a lifetime, so don’t fret if you’re a little overwhelmed at the beginning! The model train community is very supportive, and you can always find what you need here at All About Trains.

MTH 45-1008 O ScaleTrax O-54 Left Hand Switch
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MTH 45-1003 O ScaleTrax O-31 Left Hand Switch
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