Bachmann G Scale

Bachmann Bros was founded in 1833 by Henry Carlisle. It started off as a company that manufactured and specialized in vanity products such as Spanish combs. After the Civil War, they continued to focus on vanity products, but later merged firms with an existing business run by Henry G. Bachmann. The business later changed their name to Bachmann Bros.

In 1902, the products of Bachmann had significantly shifted. They were now creating optical frames that were made from celluloid. Around this time, they also began to play around with plastic. In 1927, just before they moved to their current address located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was at this time that they became well known for creating quality sunglasses.

It wasn’t until 1966 where Bachmann started to produce trains. With a sudden popularity around the N-scale toy train models, they found a way that they could create success for their business. Bachmann began to design toy train models and later shifted their products to support this new business venture.

Bachmann is one of the more well-known companies in regards to toy train collectibles, primarily because they are the largest seller in regards to volume. Bachmann is also well known for their famous railroad village product line that is known as “Plasticville.”

Specializing in entry-level train sets, Bachmann has created a huge selection of engines and cars for you to add to your toy train collection. At the end of the day, their goal is to create high-quality products that speak to the beauty of historical and classic trains.

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