3 Tips to Make Your Model Railway More Realistic

Posted by Dustin Bethel

Building a model railway can be time consuming and tedious... especially if you are aiming for a more realistic approach. Here are three tips to help make your model railway more realistic.

1. People - The presence of people is essential when it comes to making your model railway appear more realistic. In particular, people breathe life into your model. Think about it... when you take a look around the world, there are people everywhere. People walking around cities, on trains, walking throughout parks, etc. Pay attention to minor details, especially people. 

Details also include what the people are doing. Instead of placing people standing throughout your model, position them appropriately in a more realistic way. For example, a nice detail would be a seated passenger reading a newspaper or book. You can place a small piece of paper with black dots in their hands for an added effect. 

2. Track - Another important thing to remember is your track. Utilizing flexitrack instead of set track helps with long sweeping curves and a realistic outcome. Furthermore, you can paint the sides of the rails with a rusty rail applicator, and ballast the track once you are done. You can also add green scatter in specific areas for an added effect. 

3. Lighting - Consider lighting and your background. Which way is the light facing? Can you utilize that to create a more dramatic effect for your backdrop and model?

Head and tail lamps are also essential when it comes to creating a more realistic approach to your model railway. Make sure to research the correct lamp and disc codes and place them in the proper position. 


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