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With Lionel's LCS SensorTrack, you can add automated action to your layout!

LCS SensorTrack™ is a 5" straight track section equipped with an infra-red receiver that reads data beamed out of all LEGACY locomotives that are equipped with an infra-red transmitter. It is a simple hookup with pre-made LCS PDI Cables available in a variety of lengths. It automatically programs LEGACY CAB-2 remotes with vital engine information, including road names and road numbers from any transmitter-equipped engine, replacing the orange locomotive modules.

LCS SensorTrack also replaces the TMCC Action Recorder Controller (6-14181), letting you record and then execute custom track actions and layout scenarios you create, such as customized stops, direction changes, throwing switches, and uncoupling. Actions are easily programmed via CAB-1L, CAB-2, or LCS App and each SensorTrack can store two custom recordings—one for each direction of travel.

 SensorTrack Capabilities and Features:

  • Set the LCS SensorTrack™ to automatically perform one of eight pre-programmed actions every time an IR equipped locomotive passes over it.
  • Pre-programmed actions include whistle and horn blows, CrewTalk™, and bell ringing
  • Arrival and departure announcements vary according to the engine's direction of travel
  • The LCS SensorTrack™ gathers all information directly from the locomotive without the need to use the orange module. This feature is especially useful when your layout hosts visiting locomotives (LEGACY Command Set required).
  • Locomotive information and ID automatically load into all of your LEGACY™ CAB-2 remotes as they pass over the LCS SensorTrack

Create your own custom actions by recording commands made with your CAB remote or LCS App.

  • Actions you record can include opening couplers, activating switch tracks, or any command made with the CAB remote or LCS App.
  • Your custom action can include up to 250 time-stamped commands
  • Your custom recordings can be activated by all IR engines passing over the LCS SensorTrack or
  • limited to just the locomotive that was used to create the recording.
  • Each LCS SensorTrack holds two custom recordings—one for each direction of travel for each IR-equipped locomotive.

NOTE: The LCS SensorTrack™ works only with IR equipped engines. All Legacy locos made after November 2011 and ALL Vision locos are IR equipped. For a complete list of IR equipped locomotives, check out our website at . A LEGACY™ CAB 1L or CAB 2 is required.

      • Gauge: O Gauge
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2016-2017 Track and Power