Lionel 6-32904 Hellgate Bridge Tinplate

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In 1928, the Lionel Corporation created one of the best loved accessories in the model railroading hobby. Today, an original version is a collector's dream.

Lionel's Hellgate Bridge was a faithful replica of the arched bridge spanning New York's East River built in 1917. Properly known as the East River Arch Bridge, the Hellgate Bridge acquired its nickname because of the dangerous, swirling currents that passed beneath it.

This tinplate and brass re-creation is usable on even simple layouts. Trains can pass through the bridge at ground level without having to approach it on elevated track. It is wide enough to allow two O gauge trains to pass through the bridge at one time, or run just one track down the middle of the bridge.

It would be hard to say which Hellgate Bridge is more famous - the one erected in New York or the one built by Lionel. But if you're serious about trains, there's no question which is the real one - Lionel's. Now available again!

  • Model Number 305
  • Detailed brass identification plates and handrails
  • Dramatic, realistic lighting with interior illumination
  • Original postwar colors
  • Accomodates two O-gauge trains/track passing through the bridge at the same time
  • Includes instructions
  • Measures: Length-30-1/2", Width-11-3/4", Height-11-1/4"