Lionel 6-28062 - 100TH Anniversary Gold 700 E J1-E Hudson #1900 Steam Locomotive&Caboose

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 It has been said that Josh Cowen’s favorite locomotive was the New York Central’s J-Class 4-6-4 Hudson. The pride of the NYC’s fleet, it could be seen pulling both passenger cars and freight along its namesake river.With its classic steam locomotive styling, there is little doubt as to why the Hudson was picked as the model for Lionel’s landmark 1937 700E Hudson. A marvel of its time, it was a perfect O scale replica unlike any the marketplace had seen. And at $75.00, it had to be!

As the centerpiece of our 100th Anniversary Centennial celebration, we are offering the 700E once again, but this time with something unique - brilliant 24 karat gold plating, fitting for this special occasion.Besides the die-cast gold-plated locomotive and tender bodies, you find gold- and platinum-plated accents. Additional details will remain black, to provide contrast against the bright gold bodies. All of Lionel’s traditional operating features, including a Pullmor motor, RailSounds and Command Control are offered.There is only one chance in a lifetime to celebrate Lionel’s Centennial. And there is only one true 700E. Don’t miss this unique offering at this unique time in our history!

  • 24 karat gold and platinum plating, Die-cast boiler, frame and tender, Pullmor motor, Spoked drivers with metal rims, Wireless tether, TrainMaster Command equipped, RailSounds with TowerCom, CrewTalk and DynaChuff, Puffing smoke unit, Operating headlight, Directional lighting, Firebox glow, Scale front coupler, Wood display case with cover.

    • Die-cast Body

    • Trainmaster Command Control

    • Die-cast Frame

    • Headlights
    • Directional Lighting

    • Smoke Unit
    • Red Firebox Glow

    • Pullmor Motor

  • RailSounds
    • Rail Line: Lionel Lines
    • Road Number: 1900
    • Gauge: Standard O Scale 

    • Brand: Lionel
    • Min Curve: O-42
    • Dimensions: Length: 24 3/4”
    • Most Recent Catalog: Classic Trains Vol. 1 2000