Lionel 28751 LACKAWANNA CONVENTIONAL 4-6-0 CAMELBACK Steam Locomotive #1031

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At under $450, this upgraded Camelback steamers mark the lowest priced, scale-sized, Lionel steam locomotives ever offered with the TrainMaster Command Control system. Camelbacks were fast, clean and efficient haulers of the eastern "Anthracite roads." The locomotive's extra-wide firebox allowed it to burn waste anthracite coal that once was thought of as a useless by-product. The unusual design proved successful in both freight and passenger service. The Lionel Camelback steam locomotives feature upgrades from their previous release such as an improved RailSounds sound system with controls conveniently hidden beneath the opening tender water hatch. The cab roof hatch also opens.

Conventional Features:
Transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation
RailSounds sound system with steam sounds, synchronized chuffing, crew announcements, brake squeal, steam whistle and bell
Magnetic coupler on rear of tender
Upgradeable to full TMCC Steam RailSounds Upgrade Kit (each sold separately)

Directional lighting including operating headlight and operating tender back-up light
Illuminated classification lights on the front of the locomotive
Powerful maintenance-free motor with momentum flywheel
Two traction tires
Puffing smoke unit
Die-cast metal locomotive body, pilot and trucks
Die-cast metal tender body and trucks
Separately applied metal details
Opening cab roof hatch
Opening tender water hatch reveals RailSounds sound system controls
Authentically detailed cab interior
Glowing firebox in cab
Cab window glass
Engineer and fireman figures
Camelback - Wiring Diagram - 2000
4-6-0 Camelback - Conventional - 9/03
Rail Line: Lackawanna
Road Number: 1031
Gauge: Traditional O Gauge
Brand: Lionel
Min Curve: O-31
Dimensions: Length: 17 1/2"
Most Recent Catalog: Classic Trains Vol. 1 2004