Lionel 1935070 Santa Fe Trackmobile Switcher Motorized Unit

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**This Item Is Pre-Order - It Will Ship In 4th Quarter Of 2019**

Compact and versatile, the Trackmobile can go anywhere and offers an economical switcher for industries and railroads alike. Equipped with both rubber tires and rail wheels, the prototypes are not limited to where the tracks can take them and are easily positioned on either end of cars needing to be moved. Much less expensive than a locomotive, these small vehicles are perfect for shops and smaller - medium sized industries. Lionel delivers this little Leviathan with a surprising amount of features packed inside. The die-cast car body itself is just 4 inches long, features a detailed cab interior, TMCC control, directional red and clear LED headlights, blinking strobe lights and dual ElectroCouplers! Accurate to 1:48 scale and beautifully detailed, these vehicles are perfect for any layout.
TMCC Command Control - able to operate on TMCC or Conventional Layouts
Dual ElectroCouplers™
Directional headlights
Directional red LED lights
Cab light
Strobe lights
Detailed interior with figure
Die-cast body
Dual pick up rollers
1:48 Scale

Gauge: O Gauge 
Scale Type: Scale
Power: Electric
Engine Type: Motorized
Min Curve: O27
Dimensions: Length: 6"