Lionel 1933563 Long Island FA Cab Car #608 LEGACY

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Big service for the Big Apple. Daily life on the Long Island Railroad comes home in these pushpull trains. With a powered diesel on one end and a cab control car converted from old Alco FA locomotives on the other, these passenger trains were a daily sight along the Long Island.

  • Non-powered locomotive
  • LEGACY Control System equipped
  • Fan-driven smoke
  • Directional headlight
  • Cab light
  • LEGACY RailSounds including power generator, quillable horn, bell and CrewTalk
  • Operating rear coupler
  • Front ElectroCoupler
  • IR Sensor equipped


      • Rail Line: Long Island
      • Road Number: 607
      • Gauge: O Gauge 
      • Scale Type: Scale
      • Power: Electric
      • Min Curve: O31
      • Dimensions: Length: 13.5"