Lionel 1922030 - WARREN G. HARDING FUNERAL TRAIN - Warren G Harding Funeral Train LEGACY Set

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Ninety-five years ago, the nation awoke to the sudden death of President Warren G. Harding. The train which had taken him to California partially in hopes of restoring his health was turned into a funeral train for the return to
Washington. After laying in state in the Capitol, another train carried his body to rest in Marion, Ohio. Mourners lined the tracks along both routes and several railroads and locomotives were used to complete the mournful journey.

This set recreates the train on the first leg of its travels from Washington to Marion, led by Pennsylvania K4 #3750. It and the Pullman car which carried his body, Superb, are the two surviving pieces of rail equipment from this moment in history. This set comes complete with appropriate black bunting
on the locomotive and observation car and passengers in appropriate dress in the car interiors.


  • Pennsylvania LEGACY® K4 #3750
  • 18" Pullman Sleeper Ideal
  • 18" Pullman Sleeper Conneaut
  • 18" Pullman Sleeper Green Tree
  • 18" Pullman Observation Superb


  • All standard LEGACY® steam features on page 16 plus:
  • 1920’s details including oil headlight, extended piston rods, round number plate, smaller tender
  • Black bunting details for locomotive headlight, railings and tender
  • Whistle steam


  • Die-cast sprung six-wheel trucks
  • Operating couples with hidden uncoupling tabs
  • Flexible diaphragms between cars
  • Opening doors
  • Detailed interiors with appropriated decorated figures
  • Flicker-free interior LED lighting
  • Pages 26-27 of 2018 Volume 2 Catalog