Kato 176-8930-DCC N Scale GE ES44AC "GEVO" BNSF "SWOOSH" #5873 Diesel Locomotive w/ DCC Installed

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The ES (Evolution Series) of locomotives were designed to meet the U.S. EPA's Tier 2 locomotive emissions standards that took effect in 2005. With a newly designed "GEVO-12" 12 cylinder engine, these AC traction locomotives have the same 4,400 horsepower as the 16 cylinder AC4400CW but produce fewer emissions and have greater fuel economy. Possibly their most identifiable trait is their “oversized” radiator, courtesy of a specially designed air-to-air dual fan heat exchanger.

The BNSF railroad owns and operates more than 50,000 miles of track, with their service area spanning most of the western United States, and uses ES44AC locomotives in a number of services including running coal out of the Powder River Basin which provides the United States with roughly 40% of its coal.

    Model Features
  • Nose Headlight and high numberboards
  • Powerful Kato mechanism powered by a 5-pole flywheel motor and featuring a 9 3/4" minimum turning radius.
  • Directional Headlight and illuminated, preprinted numberboards.
  • Illuminated ditch lights.
  • DCC Friendly mechanism ready for drop-in decoder installation.