Kato 137-3001-DCC N Scale Siemens ACS-64 Amtrak #600 "David L. Gunn" w/ DCC Installed

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The ACS-64 is a brand new electric locomotive from Kato, and is Amtrak's newest addition to its locomotive fleet for use in the electrified lines in the northeast. The N Scale ACS-64 features movable pantographs which lock into elevated and down positions, directional headlights, a brand new mechanism wrapped around Kato's legendary flywheel motor, and is geared so that it will match the speed of the GE P42 if modelers wish to run them together. #600 was the first of these locomotives to enter service and has special “David L. Gunn” Lettering on the nose to celebrate Amtrak’s president between 2002 and 2005.


Product features:
  • Unique "David L. Gunn" Lettering on the ends of the engine
  • Powerful 5-pole motor
  • Directional bright-white headlights and ditch lights
  • Adjustable pantograph
  • Traction tire equipped drive can pull long consists without slipping

This DCC locomotive has been rigorously tested for performance and has a DCC board pre-installed to be truly ready-to-run on DCC.