Kato 106-104-DCC N Scale C&NW EMD E8A and Pullman Bi-Level "400" Train 6-Unit Set w/ Pre-Installed DCC

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Pre-Installed DCC

Kato's release of the N scale "400" comes packaged in an elegant bookcase style box, with special artwork that will look fantastic on your shelf!

Contained within the bookcase are a specially painted E8A locomotive, meant to imitate the specific appearance of C&NW's E8's from the 60's, and the special consist of cars consisting of brand new tooling Pullman Bi-Level cars, never before made by Kato in N scale!

Each of the cars in the "400" Train Set is a brand new tooling production for Kato USA in N scale, with the Buffet car being unique to this set!

C&NW's Pullman Bi-Level cars are a classic design that has informed later generation cars such as those Nippon Sharyo Bi-levels that are used by several cities around the USA for Commuter service (including Chicago Metra, Virginia Railway Express, and Caltrain).

In addition to the classic Green and Yellow, another distinctive coloring feature of the C&NW Bi-Levels which carried on even to modern Metra cars were the green tinted windows - for the better part of half a century Chicago area commuters have grown accostomed to the tinge of green overlaying the surrounding scenery when riding on their trains!


  • EMD E8A Chicago & North Western #5022-A
  • Pullman Bi-Level Coach-Buffet C&NW #903
  • Pullman Bi-Level 4-Window Coach C&NW #700
  • Pullman Bi-Level 4-Window Coach C&NW #705
  • Pullman Bi-Level Coach-Parlor Car C&NW #6400
  • Pullman Bi-Level Cab-Coach C&NW #154
  • Specially designed bookcase packaging