Switch & Power Sale

Here at All About Toy Trains, we have all the toy trains and toy train accessories you need to outfit your model railroad, including switches and power. Find the best deals on things like Lionel 180-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply, Lionel Fastrack Remote/Command Switches, and more. After all, without a great power source, your trains won’t be able to roll across your track. Power your train empire with the best of Lionel power supplies.

Like everything in the model train world, you have tons of options when it comes to electrical switches and power. Switches, also called turnouts or points, are vital to your model railroad. Switches are easily assembled into an infinite number of designs, allowing you to create turnoffs, branches, and varying degrees of turns on your track. Railroad switches allow you to guide your trains from one track to another at a railway junction or when a spur or siding branches off. They allow you to create much more intricate track layouts than the traditional circle or oval track. A switch is a set of linked tapering rails that can be moved laterally to direct a train in the direction you’d like it to go. Find deals on both right and left-hand switches here.

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