New Arrivals - Lionel

Lionel offers a great assortment of toy trains that are great for all ages and levels. They are one of the biggest names in toy trains, and we stock a wide variety of Lionel products here in our All About Toy Trains online shop. Lionel made its first electric train in 1901, and they are associated with the best in classic train sets. However, their business has lasted the test of time because of their innovation in toy trains. They are continually putting out new models to add to your set, and you can find them here in our Lionel New Arrivals collection. Check back in regularly to discover locomotives, boxcars, track, and more.

The Lionel dream, started over a century ago, is still thriving today, igniting a passion for model trains in children and adults alike. It is synonymous with the trains that circle Christmas trees each December as well as extensive indoor and garden set ups. It is on the cutting-edge of model train technology, and the new arrivals and models in our store provide you with the opportunity to easily add to your set. Shop this and other Lionel train sets for the best prices at All About Trains.

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