It's safe to say that without trains, America would have taken a lot longer to be settled. Before cars, if you wanted to get anywhere relatively quickly, trains were the chosen means of transportation. Even today in places like Europe where so many people live close together, trains are the primary modes of transportation. In fact, trains today are the only means of high-speed transportation for many.

All About Toy Trains offers the best model trains for sale, including Lionel Locomotives in limited on-hand quantities. Lionel is arguably the best-known model trains today, having been manufactured since 1900. Lionel has always specialized in realistic toy trains that stay authentic in every way, from the way they look to the way they move. The company began by creating model train sets for store windows as a way to grab people's attention and not as a way to sell toy trains. At this time in America, the railroads still dominated the nation by carrying people and goods from coast to coast. By 1906, Lionel had moved from being powered by wet-cell batteries to being powered by electricity, which was still a relatively new "invention" as well.

As Lionel train buffs, we understand your passion for collectible train sets, which is why we offer these limited Lionel Locomotives for your enjoyment. From Lionel 1933081 LEGACY® DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE SD40-2 Burlington Northern - Special Built-To-Order to Lionel 1933262 - LEGACY® DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE C44-9W Union Pacific (SP patch) - Special Built-To-Order these amazing Lionel collectible trains will soon become one of your favorites in your model train collection. These amazing collectible trains have many features, which vary by product. However, you can find refueling sound effects, CrewTalk™ dialog and TowerCom™ announcements, marker lights on the front and rear, adjustable smoke output, and so much more.  Browse our model train store online today!

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