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 The first question model train beginners ask themselves is “Which train scale is best for me?” And there’s a lot to consider when choosing! The scale of your model train set will determine what types of cars and tracks you buy for the entire time you’re working on the project. Think about how much space you have, and how large you’d like your trains to be. G Scale is the largest model train scale, with a 1:25 ratio. And the size goes down from O Scale (1:48) to S Scale (1:64) to HO Scale (1:87), N Scale (1:160), and Z Scale (1:22). HO is the most common model train size today, because it’s a nice, mid-range scale for building. G Scale, though, is the best for younger users, since the model train cars are much larger. It’s size and durability also make it great for a garden setup. Beginners also get G Scale confused with G Gauge, which is a pretty important distinction. Gauge refers to the distance between trailheads on the track, but that distance doesn’t determine the scale of the model train cars. Instead, it’s simply important to maintain a constant track width that fits your collectible train set. For example, narrow-gauge railways work in tight areas, like mines. So, when considering which model train car or track to buy, remember that scale is the size of the train in relation to its real counterpart and gauge refers to the track. Whatever you choose, be consistent or you’ll end up with pieces that don’t fit with one another. If you've chosen G Scale for your build, you won’t find better prices than here at All About Toy Trains.

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