Your train engine is one of the most important parts of your collector train set — after all, it’s the first car you see as the train rounds the bend. Just take a moment to appreciate the Lionel 6-7500 75th. Anniversary U36B Diesel engine. This engine comes from the Lionel 75th Anniversary set in 1975, a classic train set. There's a reason why many of the model train cars we sell here at All About Toy trains are from Lionel — their classic train sets are some of the best in the world. The company has 115 years of experience in the model train industry, and their trains and tracks celebrate the romance of the rails. As train collectors and enthusiasts, it is our passion to celebrate America’s rich history with railroads and the way they connected our large nation from coast to coast. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, trains symbolized American technology and progress. Today, by investing in and working on our model train setups, we celebrate that past and also look into the future, where train technology like bullet trains can connect our cities in the efficient and beautiful way only trains can. 

Along with classic engines, we also have several powered streetcars and trolleys, including the Lionel War Bonds Trolley from the classic WWII series. The war bonds trolley features bumper-controlled forward and reverse operation, traction tire, and two adjustable trolley poles on the roof to ensure the perfect look and fit. You can also find trackside cranes in our engine collection. Provide your train set with the highest level of loading and unloading action with this 360-degree cab rotation crane. This trackside toy train accessory has operating crane lights and is CAB-2, CAB1L, or CAB-1 remote controlled. If you’re looking for a crane that does it all, these are the ones for you. Browse our engine collection and all of our other high-quality model train cars, collectible train sets, and toy train accessories today!

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