Broadway Limited Train Accessories

Broadway Limited train accessories are some of the best you can find for your model train set. We have train accessories that work for both N-Scale and HO-Scale model train sets. Broadway Limited Imports is a pioneer in including sound in their water towers. You can attach the water towers to any standard 12 volt DC power supply to activate the motorized spout and sounds. If your model train cars and track is set up outside in a garden, you can pump the water from a pond, stream or other water source. Currently, All About Trains stocks a variety of operating water towers, though we update our products regularly — check in often for updates! 

Broadway Limited History

The Broadway Limited was a passenger train that rain from 1912 to 1995. It was operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad and took passengers between New York City and Chicago. The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) had nine express trains on that route and the Broadway Limited was given its name to honor the four-track “broad way” main line.

If you know your train history, you know that Broadway Limited was one of only four PRR trains that replaced its heavyweight steel cars with streamlined cars in the late 1930s. Other PRR trains continued to use heavyweight cars until after World War Two. 

Water Towers and American Railroads

Water was an essential part of steam locomotive operation — without water there is no steam, and no steam means no power! These locomotives (like the Broadway Limited) required large quantities of water, so railroads placed water towers along the route to fill the trains. They were placed at convenient locations, like stream crossings, or in a town where the trains would already be stopping to pick up freight or passengers. Shop water towers and other Broadway Limited Imported train accessories here at All About Trains!

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