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Railroad boxcars are the most easily recognized model train car! And boxcars are the primary type of car still in use today in rail freight transport. This rail car is an industry icon and a vital piece of your model railroad. All About Toy Trains is passionate about model railroads and model train cars. We provide train collectors and enthusiasts with a variety of collectible trains from reputable brands like Lionel and Bachmann. Here, you can find Lionel boxcars to add to your collection. Shop now!

History of Boxcars

The boxcar is a covered rail car that is most often used to carry freight. Boxcars are very versatile and can carry most loads! When you see a train in person, you’ll notice that boxcars have side doors of varying size so that they can carry different items. Boxcars were originally hand-loaded, but today forklifts can load and empty them a lot faster. Boxcars can carry all sorts of loads, like coal, grain, livestock, and ore. Loose grain, however, is best transported in covered hopper cars — which you can also find for your model railroad. 

The boxcar has also been used to carry passengers, especially during war time when transporting a large number of people was necessary. In a darker part of railroad history, Nazis transported prisoners in crowded boxcars. Holocaust trains used boxcars to transport Jews and other Holocaust victims. 

Rail Freight Transport

Rail freight transport is when trains carry cargo instead of human passengers. This type of transport is also known as a freight train or goods transport. Depending on the weight and length of the train, it may be hauled by one or more locomotives. When you buy model trains, consider the length of your train and whether it would be feasible in the real world for it to be pulled by a single locomotive. Buy boxcar collector trains and other model train cars here at All About Trains!

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